7/22/21 – Allison Road Ride

P.V. Pedals Ride, Thursday 7/22/2021

Hi Everyone!

It looks like we have a good weather forecast for this Thursday’s ride through Spring Mills. This route is dangerously close to Riddle’s Ice Cream Shop, your call!

This is just short of a 20 mile loop. We’ll take Penns Creek Road, the beautiful farm hills of Beaver Dam and go through Spring Mills (OPTIONAL ICE CREAM STOP!). Then we’ll cross Rt 45 to Allison Road and loop back to Millheim via Green Grove, Rt 45, Heckman Cemetery Road and Orndorff to Oak/Long Lane.

Alternative Routes:

There are plenty of alternative routes you can take to shorten it if you choose to. Here are two options.

  1. Skip Beaver Dam by staying to Penns Creek Rd and meet up with the group on the other side.
  2. When you get to Spring Mills, stop for Ice Cream and return to Millheim the way you came, or hop up to Oak/Long Lane via Paradise.

Safety Tips

  • Take a look at the attached map. You’ll see we cross Rt 45 twice on this ride. Please ride safely! Ride single file along 45 and communicate with others about cars and other things that may be hazardous.
  • Please also stay in your lane, especially on Beaver Dam. We’re riding a lot of narrow roads this week so just a reminder to share the road and be cautious approaching the crests of hills.


We’ll have a giveaway again this week!

And, thanks to the generosity of Kelsi Randall who rides with us from the Lewisburg area, we’ll have bike themed jewelry that she’s donated up for grabs on a first come basis. I will have a table set up near the sign in area – get there early!

Looking forward to seeing everyone again this week!


In an effort to start on time… we’d really appreciate it if those of you with extra time could arrive earlier so that we can get late-comers checked in more quickly. 

8/4/22 – Bower Hollow to Paradise

8/4/22 – Bower Hollow to Paradise


Before I show you the route this week I want to take a minute to share something with the club. I get scared at the start of every weekly PV Pedals + Pints club ride. Yes, scared because I fear someone is going to get hurt…or worse.

7/28/22 – Dan Stearns Tribute Ride

7/28/22 – Dan Stearns Tribute Ride

This week we are riding one of our favorite routes, but for a different reason. Thursday we are “Pedaling for a Purpose” – with the purpose being the Dan Stearns Foundation. Please read the article to learn about how much more there was to Dan than just one of our weekly riders.

7/21/22 – Brush Valley Backwards

7/21/22 – Brush Valley Backwards

We’re riding to Madisonburg this week in Brush Valley. The route is rightfully named, the Brush Valley Reverse. This route takes us through the Millheim Narrows. I’ll once again try and arrange with Ed from the Millheim Fire Company to follow us through the Narrows for a enjoyable start to the ride. We are on our own for the return ride. Feel free to alter the route if riding in the Narrows makes you uncomfortable.