8/4/22 – Bower Hollow to Paradise
Bower Hollow to Paradise Map
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Our Worst Fear…

Hi Everyone,

Before I show you the route this week I want to take a minute to share something with the club. I get scared at the start of every weekly PV Pedals + Pints club ride. Yes, scared because I fear someone is going to get hurt…or worse.

This year I’ve been last to leave, as I stop traffic for the bike club. Because of this, I see the disregard for safety every week! Each week it’s the same…

  • Cresting a hill in the wrong lane
  • Going around turns in the wrong lane
  • Just not sharing the road with cars

Two weeks ago when riding in the Narrows, two riders passed a car on the yellow line when two trucks came from the opposite direction! All of us in this group could have been hurt due to this dangerous move.

PLEASE read and follow the safety guidelines.

Penns Valley Pedals and Pints Safety Tips

We have a printed version of this card that you can take at registration full of great tips. Read them. At the very least, when riding next to someone, please ride close to them and the berm – not out near the yellow line. Leave room for other bikers to safely pass in the same lane. If you hear a car or someone yell “Car Back!” – please move to single file.

And remember, we do call ourselves the not-so-serious group of social riders. So, if you start outside of your normal group, you don’t have to race to catch them – ride with someone new! I’ve done it for ten weeks now…it’s kind of nice!


Joanna Lewis and Lisa Wandel

Greetings from Ida Grove, Iowa!

Joanna Lewis and Lisa Wandel are proud to show off Penns Valley P&P last week during their RAGBRAI ride. RAGBRAI, Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa, is a an epic eight-day rolling festival of bicycles, music, food, camaraderie, and community. It is the oldest, largest, and longest multi-day bicycle touring event in the world. Joanna and Lisa are riding with fellow Pedals and Pint Riders Bill Torretti and Rhonda Harris.


Riddle’s Ride Route

Bower Hollow to Paradise Route

Little Girl Crying about Ice Cream

Sorry folks! We had to postpone the Riddle’s ride to another week due to scheduling conflicts. The Spring Mills Fireman’s Parade is Thursday and they use their parking lot.

So, here’s the new route…


We’ll head through Millheim to Tattletown Rd. Right on 45 and right on Bower Hollow. At the T, take a right onto Pine Creek Rd, then a hairpin turn onto Broad Rd. Turn left onto Bartges Rd and as you’re descending the steep hill, stay to the right to merge onto Pine Creek Rd again. At the T, turn left toward Coburn. Then right onto Penns Creek Rd and right onto Paradise. Take a right on Oak Ln and continue straight onto Long Ln. Right on Mill Street and left on Penn to head back to the parking lot.

Again, let’s be courteous and share the road. Please keep to the right, try not to ride more than 2-wide and leave ample space for other riders and cars to safely pass you.

Group leaves the parking lot at 6:00pm. Elk Creekside will have beer after the ride. Food can be preordered from a select menu before we leave. Food is available inside until 8:00pm.


7/28/22 – Dan Stearns Tribute Ride

7/28/22 – Dan Stearns Tribute Ride

This week we are riding one of our favorite routes, but for a different reason. Thursday we are “Pedaling for a Purpose” – with the purpose being the Dan Stearns Foundation. Please read the article to learn about how much more there was to Dan than just one of our weekly riders.

7/21/22 – Brush Valley Backwards

7/21/22 – Brush Valley Backwards

We’re riding to Madisonburg this week in Brush Valley. The route is rightfully named, the Brush Valley Reverse. This route takes us through the Millheim Narrows. I’ll once again try and arrange with Ed from the Millheim Fire Company to follow us through the Narrows for a enjoyable start to the ride. We are on our own for the return ride. Feel free to alter the route if riding in the Narrows makes you uncomfortable.

7/7/22 – Middle Road Ride

7/7/22 – Middle Road Ride

We’re riding towards Woodward this week. This route has several very winding rural roads, please stay in your lane on the blind turns. Middle Road is kind of rough with potholes, if you let yourself go on the long downhill, be careful at the bottom!! This 20 mile ride takes us on RT 45 for about a quarter mile and then crosses RT 45 twice in Woodward, be careful!