5/27/21 Ride – In 3, 2, 1…The Apple Butter Loop

Hi Everyone!

After a year long hiatus, Penns Valley Pedals and Pints is ready to take off.

Airplane and Bike
As usual, the first ride of the season will be The Apple Butter Loop, one of everyone’s favorites!


The route arrows will be marked in Blue chalk. This is a mellow ride that really showcases Penns Valley, and there’s hardly any hills! When signing in, take a look at the map, just in case rain prevents me from marking the route.

There will be a few changes this year, starting as you pull in.

  • We will not be set up in the parking lot, we will be out in the field, due to Creekside serving the public and utilizing the gravel parking lot.
  • When you sign in, the donation is the same, $3.00 and the Elk Creek Cafe will once again provide you with a free beer token.
  • We will no longer need your email address on the sign in form.
  • Please make sure you sign the liability waiver.

We’ll have business cards this year with our website information for new riders who want to get added to the mailing list. Feel free to take a few cards to pass on to friends who might like to join us.

The ride starts at 6:00. Remember you are free to ride your own route, just get back safe!

After the ride Creekside will be open until 9:00. The Elk Creek Cafe will also be open, keep in mind reservations are strongly recommended.

As peaceful and beautiful as Penns Valley is, during the ride please share the road, communicate with each other and above all, stay in your lane on turns and at the crest of the hills!

Mark & I are really looking forward to seeing everyone again!

8/4/22 – Bower Hollow to Paradise

8/4/22 – Bower Hollow to Paradise


Before I show you the route this week I want to take a minute to share something with the club. I get scared at the start of every weekly PV Pedals + Pints club ride. Yes, scared because I fear someone is going to get hurt…or worse.

7/28/22 – Dan Stearns Tribute Ride

7/28/22 – Dan Stearns Tribute Ride

This week we are riding one of our favorite routes, but for a different reason. Thursday we are “Pedaling for a Purpose” – with the purpose being the Dan Stearns Foundation. Please read the article to learn about how much more there was to Dan than just one of our weekly riders.

7/21/22 – Brush Valley Backwards

7/21/22 – Brush Valley Backwards

We’re riding to Madisonburg this week in Brush Valley. The route is rightfully named, the Brush Valley Reverse. This route takes us through the Millheim Narrows. I’ll once again try and arrange with Ed from the Millheim Fire Company to follow us through the Narrows for a enjoyable start to the ride. We are on our own for the return ride. Feel free to alter the route if riding in the Narrows makes you uncomfortable.